Galerie Matisse features well known American, Canadian, and European artists. Here are a few of our featured artists.

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Thomas Arvid

Thomas Arvid continues to amaze both art and wine enthusiasts with his incredibly realistic compositions that capture the delicate beauty of wine and the pleasure of it consumption.
Arvid conveys in vivid detail one of the most enjoyable aspects of life— getting together with friends to enjoy good conversation over that perfect bottle of wine. Come in today and experience wine like you never have before.

Maya Eventov

Maya Eventov is a Russian born artist. Maya’s interpretation of color is influenced by the work of Matisse, Gauguin, and Renoir.
She derived her sense of balance and composition from the works of Alexander Rodchenko, El Lissitzki and Kazimir Malevich learning the value of detail and light from the works of the old masters.
Maya’s work evokes feelings of happiness, well being and the joys of life.

Ilkin Deniz

Ilkin Deniz’s fine paintings bring the elusive charm and feel of the Mediterranean to America. Born in 1961 in Trabzon, Turkey.  Deniz’s studied art at the Turkish Art School ( Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University).
His vivid breathtaking paintings of boats floating on the sea has shown the world of art that Deniz’s talented hands can devise a unique harmony of the blue of the sky with the blue of the sea.  Come in and see the beauty you may have been missing!


Topaz born (Tuo Pung Jiang) is a Chinese born artist best know for his large, vibrant paintings of forests and landscapes. Topaz finds the most beautiful gems in nature and captures them in his original oil paintings for all to enjoy. His contemporary but impressionistic landscapes are eye catching and are gaining a large collector following.

Terri Hallman

Terri Hallman was born in Wisconsin in 1962. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in design from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design which she attended from 1986 until 1992.

Hallman worked in the design field from 1987 until 1991, winning two International awards for Packaging Design.

What is so special about Hallman’s abstract works is that at first they seem primitive, her subjects are simple. Yet upon further observation there are layers of depth and emotion. Her colors are remarkable in that they are super-saturated, and there is a curious textural quality in her pieces that is uncommon, lending to her unique appeal.

Anne Packard

Born and raised in Hyde Park, NY, Anne spent her summers as a child in Provincetown. Packard Studied at Bard College and later studied with the late Phil Malicoat . She moved to Provincetown year round in 1977 after raising her five children. Packard shares a kindred relation to the sea with her grandfather Max Bohm. Bohm, was a highly acclaimed Romantic Impressionist at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. He studied at the Cleveland Art School as well as the Acadamie Julien in Paris. Bohm was one of the original founding members of the artist colony in Provincetown. A self taught artist, initially her art was painted on wood panels and weathered shingles. For over fourty years, Packard’s inimitable paintings of Provincetown, the Outer Cape, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Mexico have been collected by art collectors from around the globe.


Gerhard Nesvadba

Gerhard Nesvadba is the son of Austrian parents. He was born in 1941 in the village of Ober-Ramstadt, near Darmstadt, which is in the Hessen region of Western Germany.

Immediately after the war, at the age of four, he moved with his parents to Vienna where he lived for many years before settling in Upper Austria.

At the age of seventeen Gerhard completed his formal art education and four years later became a professional artist and illustrator. His fame in the international art world soon spread and his first public exhibition was held in Stockholm in 1968. This was followed with exhibitions in many parts of Europe including Gottenburg, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Vienna. Neswadba has since held exhibitions in both the UK and the USA.

The American artist Russel May of Prestonburg, Kentucky, who studied art under Gerhard Neswadba in Vienna, described it as “The greatest experience of my life”.

Today he is among the most reproduced of all European artists which has greatly enhanced his reputation.